Creativity for Kids

Fun for the whole family.

Explore creative activities using built-in features of iPad. Designed for children ages 4-8+ and 8-12+, these two sets of 30 Creative Activities for Kids can be easily tailored for a whole class, or family. Have fun doing all of the activities, choosing five days of photo fun, challenging friends to take the best slow-motion video, sharing a passion project, and so much more.

Personify something Capture a time-lapse video Make coloring sheets Picture your name Go on a photo walk See color in slo-mo Emojify your mood Storyboard your daily routine Calendar together Find shpaes in nature Make a simple book Tell a story with shapes Record news interview Create a comic strip Get your questions answered Go back in time Write a love letter to the planet Make skip counting fun Make patterns Go on a scavenger hunt Concentration Leaning tower of pillows Strike a pose, twice Send flowers Have a laugh Reach for the stars Become an artist Use your voice Put things in order Personalize a portrait